Rebecca Who!?

I'd like to rant on here about how cool I am, but I'm not cool, I'm just nosy. I try not to be cynical, but wouldn't it be great if everything was just great and not mediocre? 

In the main bit of my life, I'm Head of Social at retail communication specialists, Photolink Creative Group. It's dead good and I only have to act like a grown up some of the time there. They don't mind. We do awesome social campaigns, day to day channel management and create mega content for our clients. Which is lovely. 

In my other bit of life I'm aiming towards a more sustainable life and like to help out the disenfranchised and misunderstood. One of my current projects includes working on a Good for Nothing chapter, Good for Girls. 

I used to be a punk, but I'm retired now, It's easier to be calm about things and also I like jazz, and glitch... and funk and gabber and what not, so I can't really be a punk. 

Cosmonauts are cool. I like space and physics and new technology. I used to want to be one of them, but I'm not Russian, sooo that went out of the window! You can find me on Twitter @RebeccaWho 

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