Rebecca Who!?

Getting angry about stuff so you don't have to. (Honestly, it's a pain)

...But I'm doing something useful about that anger at Reason Digital as Strategy & Insight lead. We work with digital that does social good rather than making rich people richer.  

We also run Techforgoodlive which are podcasts, videos and events about technology doing good in the world. 

I get asked to talk at events and conferences quite a lot, I don't like doing it. I suspect not many people do. Although when people say I've helped them with what words I said at them, it's pretty sweet. Someone once said I was their hero. I guess they have very low hero based standards. 

I've spent quite some time as an Associate Lecturer at Salford University and MMU. That's pretty grown up, but I'm over 30 now, so I need to get over it. 

I'm aiming towards a more sustainable life and like to help out the disenfranchised and misunderstood. (Who doesn't, right!?) And I think we should look after people, animals and the planet and what not. (Don't kick or eat puppies, etc) 

I like space and physics and new technology. My first profession was avionics engineer (on military aircraft) because it was a step closer to NASA but the pacifist in me made me give that up. I know how to rewire your house. I won't though. 

Imperfection is beautiful and I like breaking things for fun. I don't read as much as I think I do and my 'fav books eva' list is quintessentially and embarrassingly cliche anarchist-chic. I laugh too loud. I fall over too much. I cry at surprising things despite my badassery. I'm interested in politics, how broken humans are and the complexities of society. Opinions can be wrong, feminism is still important and I get all the protein I need thanks.

All of this makes me sound really busy and active, like I'm constantly running around taking stuff apart to see how it works or something just as exciting, but in reality I spend most of my spare time sat around consuming media, curry and wine with my many cats and my Jonny Evans.

You can find me on Twitter @RebeccaWho 

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